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Saralee Perel
Award-Winning Author and Nationally Syndicated Columnist

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My columns recently won 2 awards in the prestigious New England Newspaper & Press Association annual contest. I'm honored to win in the "humor column" and the "serious column" categories. To see one of the winning columns,
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I'm blessed to receive many other national awards. Please page down if you'd like to see.

 Newest Book!
Cracked Nuts & Sentimental Journeys:
Stories From a Life Out of Balance

"I have fallen in love with your heart.
You affect more lives than you can imagine."
~ Bob Wilson, Terre Haute, IN

"Saralee's writing is a delight, and this book is an assembly of columns about the moments in lifenone of us want to forget."
~W. Bruce Cameron, bestselling author of "A Dog's Purpose" & "A Dog's Journey"


The paperback (and e-book) is available at or directly from the publisher.
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I had a wonderful time at my book signing at  
Titcomb's Bookshop.
Thank you to all
who celebrated with me!


"I believe your words bring hope, understanding, tolerance, and laughter to all who read them. I thank you!"
Nancy Grenda, Pocasset, MA 

For the past 20 years, my column has been running regularly in the "New England Newspaper of the Year"* The Cape Cod Times. If you'd like to read my current column,

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"The genius you have for writing in your authentic voice always knocks my socks off."
Dr. Jack L. Berezov, College of Saint Elizabeth, NJ

"The most beautiful writing you'll ever read. I'm not sure how she does it. Her stories put a tear in your eye and give you that sixth sense chill down your spine at the same time!"
-Rob Gerth, Director of Online Communications, The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation 

I'm a multiple contributor to Family Circle Magazine, Animal Wellness Magazine, Dallas News, The Pet Gazette, OCEAN'S Magazine, Woman's World Magazine and published nationally and internationally
in many other publications.

I love Chicken Soup! Within the past few years, I've been fortunate to have over 35 stories published in the bestselling
 "Chicken Soup For The Soul"  books.

   I am honored to be a regular essayist for:  
The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation

And proud to be a contributor to America's insanely popular
Funny Times Magazine.

  I'm delighted to be a regular contributor to Cape Cod's premier online publication:

You'll love their magazine,
filled with exceptional stories from
the Cape's finest writers.
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My monthly column appears in newspapers nationwide.
If you'd like to see my column in your local newspaper, please give the editor or publisher this website address and my e-mail:

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In 2005, 2008 and again in 2012, my columns won a National Society of Newspaper Columnists award. The NSNC is the largest organization for columnists in the United States.

In 2007 and 2012,  I received First Place for "Personal Essay" in the North American Mature Publishers Association's (NAMPA) annual contest. The recent winning column: 
"Gracie's Nemesis: The Cat With Chutzpah."

As of 2012, I'm fortunate to be
 a three-time winner in the annual columnist competition of the
New England Associated Press News Executives Association.

"Saralee Perel's columns are personal
and she clearly tells it all.
A beautiful job of story-telling with just the right amount of emotion."

~ John Carlson, Contest Judge

My current work-in-progress is Counseling Sophie. From bestselling author, Michael Palmer:
"Saralee Perel has crafted a funny, scary, profound thriller that was
impossible to put down."

- Michael Palmer, MD, New York Times best selling author of "A HEARTBEAT AWAY".

See Michael Palmer's books.

Many know of my hero dog, Gracie. She became my caregiver after my spinal cord injury. My stories about Gracie as well as my weird cat, Eddie, have been featured in a host of magazines, books and newspapers across the nation. 
Thank you to all of the readers
 who responded so strongly with tender emotion and laughter to the 3 award-winning columns below.

Amazing Gracie's Devotion

Someone To Watch Over Me

Gracie's Nemesis:
The Cat With Chutzpah 

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I live on Cape Cod with an assortment of wildlife (including my husband, Bob) and a perpetually growing number of family pets.

In 1996, I retired my 22 year psychotherapy practice to follow my dream of becoming a writer.

If you've always wanted to write a novel, try sitting down today and writing one sentence. When you go to bed tonight, don't say, "I only wrote one lousy sentence of a novel." Instead say,
"I started my novel today!"


All of Saralee Perel's columns and essays are copyrighted.

You can reach Saralee at: or via her contact page.

*New England Associated Press News Executives Association