Below are some of the columns I've published over the past 20 years. They're organized so that you can choose a category that interests you.

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Saralee Perel

Oh, So You Must Be Bob. You're Such a Good Sport!

  1. Bob's Very Own Spring Ritual
  2. Bob Still Fills the Bill
  3. Surgery, Stunts & Chutzpah
  4. Bob Makes Quite a Splash at his Reunion
  5. Zen and the Art of Bread Baking for the Barnstable County Fair 

Family Matters

  1. My Mom Was the Real Deal
  2. My Great Valentine Lapazoo Party
  3. I Married for Love, Sort of
  4. Our Family Trees are Full of Nuts
  5. The Season of Family Fruitcakes
  6. Like Mother, Like Daughter? Thank You!  

Antique/Collectible Addictions

  1. One Day at a Time
  2. eBay: I Can Quit Anytime I Want
  3. Brimfield: The Irresistible Asylum
  4. Chaos and Combat in a Collector's Attic
  5. Confessions of a Flea-Market Fraud

Are You Trying to Tell Me I'm Fat?!

  1. Holiday Hints to Chuck Before They Ruin Your Spirit
  2. Note to Bob: Don't Tell Me I've Gained Weight
  3. Carbs, Cows and Calories
  4. New Year, New You, New Hogwash


On A More Serious Note

  1. Healing A Wounded Heart
  2. When Bad Turns Out to Be Good
  3. Finding My Husband Again
  4. A Love Letter to My Mom for Mother's Day
  5. Ellen’s Bell
  6. Facing Fear: My Triumph in a Taxi 

It's A Zoo Out There

  1. Dennis Has Found a Home
  2. Broccoli and Happy Endings
  3. Bob's Beloved Becky
  4. Fowl Play In Our Back Yard
  5. The Best Birthday Gift of my Life
  6. Run For Your Life Or My Cat Will Kill You!
  7. I'll Never Say, "It's the Dog or Me!"
  8. Someone To Watch Over Me

 Saralee's Just Plain Quirky

  1. The Last Laugh is On Me
  2. My Inner Child's a Big Dork
  3. With LUV to Bob, Kate and the Surgeon
  4. Fighting Fair, From the Queen of Unfair Play
  5. "How To Stop Worrying" And Other Baloney

 Just A Nice Story

  1. My First National Broadcast
  2. I'm Still Carrying The Pizza
  3. My Night With Tony Bennett
  4. Why I Married Bob
  5. Perpetual Holiday Happiness

 Love Stories

  1. A Love Story About a Ring
  2. Make of Our Hearts One Heart
  3. My Boyfriend's Back and it's Gonna Be Trouble
  4. Santa Claus Rocks in Marstons Mills, Massachusetts